Our olive oils

Our long tradition and business experience in olive sector represent our quality parameters and know-how. During production process, quality comes first.

Our olive oils are obtained from different Spanish regions, mainly from our region, Castilla La Mancha. We carefully select the best extra virgin olive oils to produce the best quality and taste.

Besides the olive oil, OLIMPO bottles and commercializes other vegetable oils, such as sunflower oil and seeds oils.

Olive Oils

Our olives

From the best olive trees, the best olives from our company to your tables.

OLIMPO offers olives and pickles of best quality, selected from the best varieties and with careful representation.

In our online shop you can check and find nutritional information, as well as buy our products, so that we could bring our olives directly from our factory to your homes.                                                                                                   



In Olimpo, Gods could not live without wine, neither we can. Our selection is characterized by tasty, fruity and aromatic wines. We offer wines of D.O. Almansa, with predominating Garnacha Tintorera grapes.

Red, white and rosé wines or Crianza and fresh new-vintage wines which will definitely delight any taste. Enjoy a red meat with our Crianza red wine, fish and seafood paired with our Verdejo white wine or Syrah rosé wine and a chocolate cake accompanied with our Mosto rosé partially fermented.



A good Mediterranean salad is incomplete without a good vinegar. To complete our range of olive oils we offer our customers a variety of vinegars, made in Spain, combing tradition and modernity. Premium quality vinegars.

Made in our region, Albacete. We offer a balsamic vinegar aged in oak barrels during several years, characterized by its quality and flavour, as well as our sherry vinegar obtained from Jerez wine. As we enjoy colours, taste and aromas, we offer a broad range of vinegar creams to give a modern and colourful touch to your cuisine.                                                                                                     



Hand-made artisanal cheeses, produced with 100% sheep milk. A unique product of great taste and quality, made with care and dedication. We provide a broad range of cheeses, characterized by different periods of curing and a variety of natural rinds.

Cheeses from Castilla La Mancha, produced by a small family-run cheese factory with a limited production, following a traditional method of cheese making and caring about flavour, aroma and quality. A pleasure for your senses...



Saffron is obtained and produced through a traditional and hand-made process. Collected in Castilla La Mancha fields, in Albacete villages.

This spice is carefully manufactured, with particular care about the quality. Manchego saffron is characterized by its intense aroma and texture, it gives colour and flavour to traditional dishes of Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine.