OLIMPO, producing oils of quality and confidence since 1954. 

OLIMPO, inspiration for your senses.

We like you to feel, smell, taste, but first of all - enjoy our products. This is the reason and our main motivation that we put all our efforts in producing foods that would inspire your senses.

Olimpo belongs to a family with a long tradition in the olive sector. More than four generations have been working daily for and with the olive. Since 1954, we have been producing artisan extra virgin olive oil. Our experience and know-how guarantee an extreme care and attention for quality and flavour.

Olimpo is strongly committed to promote health and well being, and so to foster the consumption of healthy products from our soil, produce foods as our grandparents did and gave to us, hand-made and very nutritious. Indeed we are guided by mens sana in corpore sano ("a healthy mind in a healthy body"), a proverb coming from the Ancient Greece, home of Olimpo mountain, also known for being the home of Gods in Greek mythology that gives a name to our main brand: OLIMPO.

As a small company, we are attentive to every detail and customer. Our experience and flexibility allows us to adapt to the likes and needs of every one of our clients. In addition, we have expanded our production range with new products such as table olives, cheeses, vinegars, wines and spices.