Vinegar Creams

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Vinegar creams are a modern condiment and is the perfect dressing for imbuing that ideal touch of flavor and sophistication to our dishes.

Its dense, consistent and bright composition allows these creams to elegantly come together in dishes, imbuing those dishes the quality, flavor and aroma characteristics of the vinegar.

Our vinegar creams can be used in meat, fish, foie gras, salads or fruit salads, among other dishes.

The touch of fruity flavor is obtained from its elaboration using fresh fruit pulp. Choose among its many varieties and give free rein to your culinary imagination.

Available in the following flavors:

  • Pineapple vinegar cream
  • Raspberry vinegar cream
  • Fig vinegar cream
  • Kiwi vinegar cream
  • Lemon vinegar cream
  • Mango vinegar cream

Data Sheet

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