OLIMPO, producing oils of quality and confidence since 1954.

OLIMPO belongs to a group of small companies, all related to the products and sub-products of the olive.

In our farms and mills (own and of our partners) in Jaen and Albacete our star products are produced: EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL AND OLIVES.

Moreover, we specialize in working with the olive: extraction of pomace oil, drying of pomace and exploitation of biomass for heating as our commitment to the environment protection.

OLIMPO is a company that is dedicated to the bottling of olive oil, among other oils. It counts on modern facilities, where olive oil is received, tasted, classified, analysed and bottled according to the market needs.



We count on a team of professionals who follow the whole process of product traceability from the farm to the consumer. Several generations have already dedicated to the olive grove, from farmers, technicians, small producers, and commercials.

It is our passion and our mission that ensure the quality and reliability of our product.



We have 24 tanks (of 15.000 and 40.000kg capacity) that allow us to store more than 1 million kg of oil and thus, to separate by types and qualities of oil, as well as to make different blends.

To improve the conservation and to avoid oxidation, the deposit room is adapted with Nitrogen and biomass (from olive pits) air conditioning.

The bottling consist of three bottling lines, via automatic process, independent from the rest of areas, with air conditioning sector and application of nitrogen once the bottling process is completed.

Currently we are installing a small bottling sector for the ORGANIC EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE, to become totally independent.

The storage room has a capacity of 400.000 litres of final product, ordered and stored on shelves.

We have implemented the quality management of ISO 9001 and environmental management of ISO 14001.